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Local business seo and Google ads reports

“Qualified Online Traffic offered to go above and beyond the requested services. They delivered in a timely fashion and are my go-to for Digital Advertising Work.”

Dave Larsen

Real Estate Agent, West USA Realty


We help you maximize your exposure to the search engines. In additon, we build relevancy and trust to rank and get quality organic traffic. Traffic That Converts.


Our team does market research and use Google ads to create highly targeted campaigns. As a result, you get quality traffic through funnels that provide valuable leads that convert.

Social Media Marketing

The wizards at our office use Social Media to drive organic and paid traffic that is highly targeted and qualified to convert. Marketing for the new age.

Florida SEO Company - Qualified Online Traffic

Qualified Online Traffic

online web traffic reports from seo and google ads

You Don't Have A Traffic Problem

You have a system problem. Basically, you have a marketing plan and strategy problem. Traffic is easily gotten online. You can even pay for traffic through Google Ads. In reality, what you lack is a reliable system put in place. In essence, one where you push a button on your machine and you end with a desired outcome.

Our team does this with PPC ads. Basically, where we create online ads for the people that are already looking for your product and services. You pretty much put a coin into the machine, and you get your coin back… and then some.

Another way is through proper and ethical Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Unlike some seo companies, we don’t spam or get you bad backlinks. We do the work. In General, we create and optimize the content. We create responsive and SEO websites that work for YOU. This is done for YOU services. Unlike some boxed up web service “solution”¬†sold to lawyers, plumbers, dancers, the grandma around the corner with a cooking recipe blog.

Personalized Digital Services

Though some digital marketers box anybody and everybody, no matter what they sell or what they do. We make sure to analyze your company, its location, and demographic. In short, we do the job right. For this purpose, we talk to you, figure what your business needs and key objectives are, and make a comprehensive plan and strategy for SPECIFICALLY for YOUR business.

monthly web traffic digital marketing reporting

Result Reporting - Online Quality Traffic Reports

We back up what we say. We don’t sell you junk traffic, fake clicks, or whatever next lazy tactic other “Freelancer” / Agency in India does.


Qualified Traffic Reports

We give you monthly reports on the keywords you’re ranking, keywords we’re working on, traffic, how your search traffic segments (organic, paid, social media, direct, ect…). Furthermore, our team provides suggestions for the future.

We put in the work, then give you the reports to prove it. Concurrently, you will be able to see the results of all our search engine marketing tactics and strategies as an improved long term ROI in the balance sheet. The only question now is whether you want to start seeing results now or you will wait for the competition to get ahead.

Our answer to that question is, crush the competition. Schedule your ¬†Strategy Session now and let’s get this started!


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