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Our Florida SEO company and Digital Marketing Team

Welcome to Qualified Online Traffic. My name is Anthony Money and I founded this SEO & Google Ads company after years of working as a freelancer and consulting for other agencies. These agencies would get clients for SEO and Google Ads, charge them 3 to 10X and turn around and hire someone like me for X to do the work. Understandable that a business needs to charge more than what they pay a contractor, but for the business model where they don’t pay a contractor unless you already paid the agency, 3X -10X is too much.

Great for them, not for you!

Eventually, I decided to cut the middleman and work with the clients directly. This way, you get the SAME quality of work but don’t overpay while at it. As the business grows, I hire people that I have vetted to be great, or I train them, while I oversee all the work to make sure that it is done correctly so you still get the High Quality work while still not overpaying. You don’t pay 10X, not even 3X!

Our business model is still where we charge you what I would charge for the service, that’s what we pay our employees, and then 20% on top of that to cover our expenses and profit. 20% not 300% and definitely not 1000%. Just 20%. We are able to do this because we provide High Quality work you can trust while also not ripping you off. 

Would you pay 3 times to 10 times more for the EXACT SAME PRODUCT

No, right! 

So instead of hiring another agency that will just hire someone like me for X while charging you 10X, hire us for the X plus 20%.

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We are a SEO company with a team of digital marketers from Florida on a mission. Our mission is on providing you online marketing solutions specific to and for your business. What this means is that analyze your website and internet marketing efforts. From there, we compose business-specific strategies to grow your web presence, traffic, and lead generation. As Google research shows, digital devices are making online and offline shopping experiences intertwined. This means that it’s becoming more and more important to have an online presence. But not just an online presence, but a strategically optimized one. This has given rise to digital marketing agencies. Get monthly reports on how people are finding you online. Then learn how to leverage that to grow. Optimize your website and continue to create optimized content valuable to your clients. As a result, you get known as a valuable source of information for your clients and the go-to place for their needs. This will get your targeted traffic that converts and continues to place you higher on the search engines. Qualified Online Traffic does just this. We drive targeted traffic to your website that is looking for the type of services and products that you offer. We are committed to not only be the best Florida SEO company but to be the best Global SEO company. Though, we won’t let our grand global vision stop us from providing high-quality local SEO. We are sure that our quality work will allow us to make that vision a reality. In short, we provide high-quality SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing with monthly reports to prove it.  All you have to do now is talk to one of our analysts. They will give you a break down of where you’re currently standing with your digital marketing. From there we can help you target the right traffic so you can grow via organic traffic and/or pay per click campaigns.