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Okinawa is the Hawaii of Japan and quickly becoming one of the top tourist destinations in Asia beating even Hawaii the last couple of years.  Though to take advantage of all that flow of people coming in, looking to spend their money & buy, you need to first be discoverable. If when they google for services and products related to your business & you don’t show up, if they don’t know about you, then they can’t buy from you. They can’t get the services you offer, if they can’t find you.

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How is someone going to go to your store if they don’t even know it exists? Worse, they may end up going somewhere that has less desirable products, services, & experiences than your business and give them their money because they don’t know any better. If you do not rank on Google when these customers google for the type of service you offer, they will just go with one of your competitors that do rank.

If you’re a self-storage rental in Okinawa and someone searches “Okinawa self-storage” or “self-storage near me” and you don’t show up in the first few spots, forget it. You just lost that customer forever!
And this will keep happening. EVERY DAY… multiple times a day!

Our Okinawa SEO company was founded to take care of this problem for a selected few businesses. Since we do not take competing businesses as clients, we can only take so many clients from Okinawa & each city in this prefecture. This means that we stand behind our results and rank the businesses we work with and challenge any other SEO company in Okinawa to try to outrank us with a competitor.

Though because of this, we only work with businesses that are a match for our type of approach and SEO Service.
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Our Professional SEO services

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Website Design

Get beautiful website designs that are technically optimized for search engines. Rank faster & easier on Google. Provide better user experiences. Provide a better experience for search engine bots crawling your website in order to rank you.

Website Design

Modern, beautiful, and mobile responsive web designs. We develop customized business websites that are Search Engine Friendly from the bottom up to facilitate the lives of  Orlando business owners and help them take off faster.

Content Strategy

We do a tailored content marketing approach to help you rank on all your business-related keywords so that you can take over your market. From targeting specific cities to targeting specific types of services, we help you show up on Google when those customers are looking to get that type of service in your designed areas.

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Foundational SEO

This is the Search Engine Optimization that we do in order to ensure your website is structurally correct to be search engine friendly and up the visibility. From the website structure, tags, to schema data and on-page content optimization. 

Technical SEO

Get your website technicals optimized to get a better landing experience. Faster load times, better structure, and overall experience for both users and search engine robots.

On-Page SEO

We go through your website content and make sure it is highly optimized so it ranks for your business-related searches around your designed service area. 

Our Process

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We do a face to face or phone call consultation to find out your unique business needs and business goals so we can create a tailored plan for you – no boxed solutions. 

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Plan Creation

We do a full audit of your online assets, including your website, and find out where you are, what needs to be fixed, and all the things that need to be worked on to take you from where you are to where you want to be – the goals we defined on the beginning consultation.

optimizing the results of the website search traffic


We check on actual data and metrics to see how our work is improving your google ranking, how many calls is it generating, how many store visits, etc.. to continually optimize your website to improve performance and for maximum exposure and visibility in Google and Bing.

advance business tactics

Advanced Tactical SEO

Even better, we implement our proven system, which has helped rank all our previous clients, to perform advanced SEO tactics that help your pages rank faster for your business-related keywords and dominate your market – we challenge any other SEO company in Okinawa to beat us.

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