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Our Digital Marketing Services 

Originally a pure SEO (search engine optimization) company, we now offer a few more services to effectively market a business using organic and paid growth methods. We aim to provide the right marketing plans our clients need to succeed with their online marketing.  Therefore, you can now choose to do purely Search Engine Optimization, purely Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns like Google Ads, or have us develop a strategy that uses both to increase the efficiency of each advertising campaign

Our professional team can provide the following services for your local business:

Our years of experience with running internet marketing campaigns allow us to stand out in the marketplace. Alongside our local marketing services, Qualified Online Traffic also offers consulting services for businesses and/or firms who want to have an in-house employee trained on how to perform effective digital marketing campaigns to drive quality traffic to their sites.

Understanding Our Pricing 

As a quality service company, we have very simple pricing. We always start with a digital marketing audit to analyze your current situation. By doing this, we can clearly see where you currently are in your marketing efforts and SEO. Given these points, we can clearly identify the amount of work to dedicate to your campaign. After we evaluate your audit, we can give you a time estimate on what it would take for the Qualified Online Traffic team to implement our services.

We Aim For Frequent Communication 

In Fact, as a maketing company we understand how important communication is. Many other “marketing agencies” go unheard for months when engaging a digital marketing campaign. And because of this, we aim for first rate communication with our clients. Once you engage with Qualified Online Traffic, you’ll work with a dedicated account manager to ensure you’re always up to date with your marketing campaign. We stay in constant communication using useful project management tools that allow you to see exactly what we’re doing behind the scenes.

Our Team Delivers 100% of the Time 

You know what your business needs? To show up higher on the search engines. Our staff can increase your rankings, your website traffic, and ultimately your sales. We know we can do this because we have done it before with all types of different professions and companies such as dentists, moving companies, home services, masonry, and legal. Your firm can trust that Qualified Online Traffic will deliver just that, quality traffic to your website with our services. Because we even do it for ourselves. We do SEO for our own business. Go ahead…type in “Florida SEO agency” and see how we stand tall in the search results.

Start today by contacting us and requesting a digital marketing audit  for your business. 

Learn More About Our Digital Marketing Services:


We analyze your website and develop a strategy to optimize it, link it, create optimized content, and rank it. We continue our search engine optimization to get you to page 1 and get targetted quality traffic to your website. Get long term results from your investment.  We get you targetted organic traffic. 


Did you know that EVERYDAY there are people searching to buy for products and services like yours on Google? We put you right in front of those people that are already looking to buy! This is targetted marketing. Best part of it, you get complete reports on how you campaign is going and how to make it better. 

Social Media

Use the most popular social media platforms to reach your demographic audience. Grow your brand by attracting the right audience and advertise them the products they’re already interested on and want to buy – buy them from you. We don’t just post for you, we create optimized ads to get traffic that converts.

SEO Web Development

Get a highly optimized, mobile ready, and responsive website. Leverage our Search Engine Optimization and online marketing knowledge to get a beautiful and responsive website that is already leverage to get the most out of your content and get indexed by search engine.

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Leverage Our Digital Marketing Experience

Stop stressing over your digital marketing. Leverage our expertise and experience in the internet marketing space. Outsource your online marketing strategy and implementation to us.

Whether you want SEO, PPC, or Social Media Marketing, we can make sure that develop and plan and strategy that fits your business. What’s more, we provide you with reports that let you see how we’re doing. You can even take this reports to improve your company for your customers. For example, you can analyze the search keyboards to see what other services you can provide to your customer. Better yet, we can do this for you.

By the time  we have optimized your marketing campaign, you will have thank yourself that we did all that work for you. As opposed to spending the thousands of hours it takes to master these skills. In addition, the time it takes to implement them. Instead, you can focus on what you’re great at. That is, providing these customers with your great products and services.