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Local Business SEO

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Get ranked faster! Show up on Google for the searches relevant to your business. You can start from nothing to page 1 with local business SEO.  And you want to be on page one via organic traffic. Organic search results make up 71.33 % of search clicks. We focus on optimizing your website to be easier for the  search engines robots to find and index it. Then, we work on getting you to rank higher on Google and other search engines via various tactics. 

This means, you can begin to enjoy on your share of clicks from targeted organic traffic. We do this by following a process to make sure we can provide a high quality service.

Our Local Business SEO Process

First, we have our analysts go through your website and online assets. Then, they create an audit of your current SEO standing. From there, we create a comprehensive plan and strategy specific to your business. No boxed solutions!

You get a digital marketing service that is based on your business and your needs. Get from where you’re currently are to where you want to be… and that is page 1 of Google.

Technical SEO

We analyze all your website and it’s search engine related components. From there, we either add, remove, or fix to optimize the site for the search engines.  We do this via on-page optimization and meta/tile description optimization across your pages.

Also, we add and organize what are called Schema Markups. This is a search engine language agreed upon all the top search engines. It makes the internet more searchable and provide better results. With this language, the search engines get a better understanding of your content and find important contact information. Such as, your contact info, operating hours, and location. This makes you more trust worthy.

Best of all, you receive monthly reports with details from all the local business search engine optimization work we’ve done for you. For example, you will get how many links, keywords and URL’s we’ve created for enhanced exposure. We provide all the information you need in total transparency so you are sure that your investment is working for you and helping you grow.

Optimized Content Creation

Our writers and editor will work to create optimized and relevant content for your website. All our content is aimed towards the perfect balance between user experience and your business goals.

Furthermore, we do monthly outreach campaigns to get high ranked and relevant pages to link back to us via content production. This is also complemented with other link building techniques to get relevant and trust worthy algorithmic juice. This way, search engine deemed your site a trusting and valuable resource. This makes you viewed in the engine “eyes” as a continually better place for web searches to go for their needs.

By result, you rank higher in google and other search engines. Because they know you can take care of their user needs in a quality manner.


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